Route casting services

Our casting tools form a comprehensive, real time data support system for sea route management delivering both optimal route efficiency and route planning.

Install our casting tools to your desktop and you are ready to go. The software is quick to learn and the interface is easy to use. All information is available in one user-friendly view. The view is the same for on-board users and for back office users ashore. This ensures that all parties have the same, up-to-date information. And you do not need to worry about online connections since casting tools are operational even on poor telecommunication connections.

Optimizing the bunker consumption and engine utilization based on speed and weather conditions on the route. Proven reduction of fuel consumption at least 10%.

The FuelCast analyses your fuel consumption on the route and help you to save money on daily bunker consumption. It monitors real time usage of fuel and it provides observations of how, for example, speed and acceleration affect fuel consumption.  It helps you observe patterns, averages, variances, and anomalies, which you can use for guiding your operators and for adjusting and improving your business.

With FuelCast you are increasing revenues without sacrificing sustainable values: Effective use of routing, decreased levels of non-value adding time and efforts, and reduced overall  operational costs combined with reduced levels of emissions, increased visibility  of operations, and compliance with regulations.

The MareCast® offers you reliable forecasting of weather, sea and ice conditions. You can see the current situation and forecasts, as well as observations and warnings; all in one view.

You can modify the view according to your needs; hide or add features just by clicking the mouse. The MareCast® enables monitoring and forecasting of:

Weather Data: Wind Speed, Wind, Direction, Wind Gust, Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Precipitation

Sea data: Wave Height, Wave Direction, Swell, Current Speed, Ice Thickness, Ice Concentration, Current Direction, Sea Level
Sea Temperature

Animations: Air Pressure, Wind, Icing, Sea Current, Waves